Frequently Asked Questions

What is included?

  • Exclusive hire of The Night Yard from 8am -11.30pm
  • 60 x 40 ft Framed and Floored Marquee with lining
  • 24 x 6ft Trestle Tables
  • 140 x Limewash Chiavari Chairs with Cream Seat Pads
  • Parquet Dance Floor
  • Ambient Lighting on dimmer control
  • Bar Facilities
  • Garden Furniture
  • Speech PA system
  • Car Park
  • Marquee Heating
  • On Site Manager

Can I bring my own caterer?

We do have a list of preferred suppliers who we work with closely and we feel offer great food and great customer service. Please see our suppliers list.

You can use your own caterer although we would have to audit them as our reputation is at risk if they do not satisfactory deliver. Caterers who are not on our list will be charged a fee of £1000.

Can we drive into The Night Yard?

If it has been dry weather and your vehicle is not going to do any damage to the grass.

Do we hire in tables and chairs?

No these are included, we have trestle and round tables.

Can we have confetti?

Only if it is natural petal confetti. offer a 10% discount when using the code TNY116.

When we start unpacking our decorations can we get rid of rubbish at The Night Yard?

Unfortunately our bin can only hold our wedding rubbish. So please be aware that if you are not packing the decorations back up in the boxes then you will have to take rubbish away.

Can we have candles in bottles around The Night Yard?

Tealights in enclosed lanterns or jam jars are permitted as long as they do not constitute a fire risk.

We have hired a van to bring our decorations down can we leave it to the next day?

Yes you may and if you prefer it not on the car park we can tuck it round the back, but it is left at your own risk.

Can we have fireworks?

Yes you can as long as they are done by a reputable company with public liability insurance.

Can we have fire pits?

Yes as long as you use our preferred supplier. See supplier list.

Can we put signs up along the road?

You may do but please remember to take them down.

Can we move the logs/boxes/ladders etc that are in The Night Yard anywhere we like?

Yes, that is fine as long as they are returned to where you found them.

Do you have a music system?

There is a portable pa with a microphone included. This is suitable for the ceremony and back ground music not for a band or disco.

How can we fix decorations?

You can tie things around beams, use cable ties and blue tack. No screws and staple guns can be used.

Can I put some toiletries in the loos?

By all means we do provide the loos with hand wash and plenty of loo rolls (and stocked up through the event.) Although we do ask that no disposable wipes are put out as they block the loos up.

Can you order us taxis at the end of the event?

Unfortunately we don’t as we have too many people taxi swapping and we get the blame! Please see our Taxi list here.

Are there any noise restrictions?

We would like you to keep it at 92decibels. Amplified live music must finish at 11pm.

Is there a bridal room and a grooms suite?

There is not although if you would to utilise the inside space you can do.

What happens if I want to go after 11.30pm?

There is a charge of £500 if you wish to have the bar open until 12.30am

How many car parking spaces are there?

The car park can hold 70 cars

Can I have access to the orchards?

Access to the orchards is available for photos only.

Can I provide my own drinks?

Our bar services are provided by Alberrys on location who can build a package to suit your needs including a corkage free option.

Can I have my civil ceremony at The Night Yard?

Yes we have two areas. Under the eaves and the internal room are both licensed.

Can I come in the day before?

Yes, if we do not have an event the day before but we would only be able to confirm that nearer the time. If you wanted guaranteed access you would have to hire the day before.

What happens to all our decorations?

They must be removed by 9am the following morning.

Can people smoke at The Night Yard?

Sand filled bins are provided.

Do I need wedding insurance?

Having wedding insurance is a great idea to give you reassurance. A variety of different options can be found online.

Can we have hay bales?

No they cause too much of a mess!

Is there local accommodation?

Yes please see this link for local accommodation although there are many more in Canterbury City Centre.

What do our Clients think?


A secret hideaway minutes from Canterbury

"The setting was particularly suitable for weddings with young children present as it is walled on all sides, so parents could relax. It feels like a secret hideaway, but is minutes from Canterbury train station so easily reached from London and the South East.... Thank you!"

Jessica & Eoin