Data Protection Policy
The Night Yard

The Night Yard Data Protection Assurance Policy

The Night Yard aims to ensure we are

  • using information in a way that people would reasonably expect,
  • thinking about the impact of our processing and ensuring there are no unjustified adverse effects on individuals,
  • being transparent and ensuring that people know how their information will be used.

The Night Yard will avoid collecting data without a legitimate business reason and collect only the minimum required to meet the purposes needed.

All new members of staff will be informed of The Night Yard filing processes and given an overview as to how to store and dispose of data securely.

The Night Yard will keep any personal data for the period of 2 years following which data will be archived for tax records.

An individual has the right to request access to their personal data from The Night Yard. If such a request was made The Night Yard would provide such data within 40 days of the request.

The Night Yard makes the collection, use and storage of personal information transparent by use of the Privacy Notice on the website and sections within the Terms and Conditions.

The Night Yard will ensure that, where applicable, we are registered on the data protection register. This was last updated in March 2017.

We will take reasonable steps to protect the information from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, including undertaking annual risk assessments and implementing appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures.

If information that is stored by The Night Yard is misused or unauthorized sharing takes place The Night Yard will:

  • Contact all individuals whose data has been compromised
  • Investigate the misuse of any data
  • Undertake a new risk assessment and action any outcomes within a reasonable time scale