Meet Nancy

17 May 2019

The Night Yard team has developed over the past few months with us all working closely to ensure our couples have the best day.  We welcome back Nancy following her maternity leave.

Courtney will continue as Venue & Events Manager overseeing the wedding planning, Nancy is Venue Manager overseeing operations and Julia is Business Development.

Nancy joined The Night Yard two and a half years ago when she relocated back to Canterbury from Brighton with her husband and son Noah. 
Nancy has been in the event industry for over 11 years and completed a Master’s Degree in International Event Management at the University of Brighton in 2008.  Her career has been varied and has involved managing Charity, Corporate and Private events along with office management, administration and sales.
She has always been passionate about weddings and she says how when she was little, if someone would give her a pen and paper and ask her to draw a picture, it was always a wedding dress and map of her wedding reception at her family farm.
Nancy has recently returned to work here with us after taking time off to have her second child, baby Margo.  As Venue manager, Nancy is responsible for sales and bookings and all things finance and administration.  Nancy’s favourite things are The Simple Things magazine, new nail polish and flowers.  In her spare time, she spends time flower arranging, baking and interior designing for friends.