Spring Weddings at The Night Yard

15 June 2018

Nothing is more beautiful than nature during spring time. If you are in need of some inspiration on creativity or colour, step outside for a while and take it all in.

This time of year is definitely one of The Night Yard's favourites, especially now we have had some sunshine to spur the plants on to produce such vibrant green leaves.

Five good reasons for a spring wedding at The Night Yard,

  1. Spring is synonymous with new beginnings; The Night Yard's farm setting brings this seasonal aspect to the fore.
  2. The surrounding orchards are in blossom, giving plenty of perfectly natural photo opportunities.
  3. The Night Yard's flexible catering options let you make the most of the freshest of new season ingredients - we are in the Garden of England.
  4. A choice of swoon-worthy colour palettes with a huge range of greenery, moss and herbs. At The Night Yard we actively encourage you to be you!
  5. The inside outside space of The Night Yard let's you make the most of the beautiful evenings, whilst providing plenty of shelter from any passing spring shower.