Supplier Spotlight - Will Burnett Chef

19 October 2017

Food is a huge part of the wedding day experience, and in many cases it can make or break the day. The options are endless and you can get really creative with how you can feed your guests. Will Burnett, one of our registered caterers, understands the importance of wedding food to the event as a whole. Whether you want the more traditional canapés and three course meal, or are leaning towards the increasingly popular ‘street food’ style, Will tailor-makes his menus around you. He specialises in local, seasonal and foraged goods, an interest which comes from his background working as sous-chef at The Goods Shed in Canterbury. With a menu that changed daily this also means that creating new dishes is a particular strength of Will’s. Every event is treated differently as he believes that the food should be individual and unique, just like your wedding!

While still only young, Will has over 7 years experience in both restaurants and events catering. He has a diverse cooking background meaning there are few constraints when planning your ideal wedding feast. Will’s restaurant background includes stages at a number of Michelin star establishments. This combined with his events experience means that if you are more traditionally inclined, he knows how to ensure the standard and quality of your sit down meal will not be compromised because of large numbers, which unfortunately is a far too common occurrence in event catering.

Trained originally by a Spanish chef, Will is influenced by these flavours and traditions, particularly the Spanish style of dishes intended to be shared. He began his event catering by doing paellas, a particular speciality that is still very popular. With the dish cooked in front of your guests in a massive pan it really does add some theatre to the festivities. More recently Will has branched out with the street food due to its popularity, serving tacos and burgers in a ‘build your own’ style. By creating a stand from converted fruit pallets, this means he can adapt his set up to fit with however you want to feed your guests.

Paella Stand - Photography by Peter Reynolds Paella at The Night Yard. Photography by Peter Reynolds Photography

Whether you find the whole process a bit overwhelming and need some ideas and suggestions of something slightly different to make your wedding food memorable, or you have something specific in mind; Will is your man!

What does Will have to say?

Describe yourself in one sentence

Young, hardworking passionate chef.

What is your food heaven?

I absolutely love tapas. tortillas, crouqettas, octopus. The lot.

What is your food hell?

Parsley sauce. All i think of is the packet stuff. erugh.....

Guilty pleasure (doesn’t have to food related!)

I love mayonnaise. It goes on everything at home.

Most interesting place you have worked? (clue link this to your career)

The Goods Shed by far. Farmers Market by day, farmhouse fine dining by night. This is where I gathered all of my knowledge about seasonal ingredients, butchery and cookery of whole animals.

Name 3 of your favourite chefs? (clue link this to your career)

Nathan Outlaw

Francis Mallmann

Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall

Best place you have travelled to?

Last year my fiance and I travelled the states for a month and South America for three Months. Six different countries, with a variety of so many cultures. Needless to say I learnt alot.

Will and his fiance Becca

Most interesting food you have eaten?

Whilst in Peru I went to The 3rd best restaurant in the world, Central. I had 16 courses, with each dish, the ingredients were sourced from a certain altitude, between -500m and 4,000m. Out of all the dishes I knew of only 6 ingredients!

What/Why do you love about Paellas?

I love the theatre of Paellas. You start with a empty pan, and you slowly begin to build this dish which is so full of flavour, and at each step of the dish, as you gradually add prawns and mussels and peppers it not only becomes visually great but the flavours mould and are soaked up by the rice to create a dish like no other.

How do you load up your taco?

I love to give people the option with their tacos. Some people like a bit of everything (Me), and some play it cool with a spoon of guacamole and some corriander.

That's the great thing about Build Your Own.