Raise a Toast lets celebrate!!!

08 August 2017

Congratulations, you’re getting married… now comes the party planning!

While the dress , rings and flowers, and photographer and paramount to tying the knot in style, the celebratory tipples should sparkle as much as the bride and groom.

But with all the excitement of getting hitched, deciding which wines to serve can often be an after-thought and one your guests wont thank you for.

Especially when you consider how paramount celebratory drinks are to the running order of the day, speeches and reception.

After all you want your wedding to be remembered for all the right reasons.

At The Night Yard we allow couples to supply ½ a bottle of their own wine for the wedding breakfast but more often than not we see SO much wasted and or boxed up for the bride and groom to take home.

What is the reason? The wine is so very often always a cheap supermarket brand and price has definitely compromised taste. If you are going to provide your own wine it is worth trying the wines and doing a mini tasting with friends and it can be fun and enjoyable experience! Don’t get me wrong I am always a fan of some of the supermarket deals. (Aldi does a great Sparkling and Gavi and Morrisons do a great Greco di Tufo and Rioja)

If wine is the last thing you want to think about or you want your drinks to sparkle but don't know between your Pinot Grigio or Pinot Gris then help is at hand...

Brendan has a wealth of experience in wines and can guide you every step of the way, he has come up with 4 great wine packages (aptly named after cows) with prices starting from £15 per head which is fantastic value for money .

"Tasting and buying wine for your wedding is a fun and enjoyable experience and definitely not a chore and we are happy to offer you a tasting and samples for you to enjoy!" Brendan bar manager

Included in all the packages is glassware, chilling and service as well as a non-alcoholic option for the reception.
Plus if there is any wine which has not been served from your wedding breakfast Brendan then allows it to be used behind the bar so your evening guests can enjoy a free tipple!

Check out our herd!!! (Wine Packages) HERE