Instalove Cake

06 June 2017

We are all great lovers of cake here, it has a weekly appearance in the office and always makes a day more cheerful!

Last year the most popular option here for wedding cake was by far the naked cake and then close behind the 'bake off' option was equally popular. This required guests to bring their soggy bottoms and finest regal icing skills to the taste test of the wedding party, with judging being taken very seriously by some guests!!!

We have had a look at some of our local suppliers to give you a bit of cakespiration!

Modern Macaron- Bluebell Kitchen

Rustic - Ever After Wedding Cakes

Vegan - Vegan Antics

Funky- Fondant Fox and Meringue Girl

The Naked Cake - Fairy Dust Bakery

Something Different! - Baking you better Bakery

The Dessert Table!

A bit of fun! - Baking You Better