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Which font is right for you..?

06 March 2017

There are so many blogs out there that show you how to make your own wedding invitations; from buying the right card in the correct Pantone colour, to how to tie the perfect bow. I made the invitations for my wedding and found that the hardest thing was getting the typography right.

Do I go traditional or modern, do I hand write them and do I print them?

For me (Nancy) as a graphic designer this was one of the most important parts, but often it’s the part that gets forgotten.

Have you thought about how you’ll use type and font – check out the below for some ideas.

Follow some online tutorials and try your hand at calligraphy:

Try combining feature words in handwriting, with information in printed text:

How about a simple font which will allow your imagery to really shine:

Or how about using your initials to become part of the imagery:

Don't fancy tackling the wedding invites yourself? Then pay a visit to our approved supplier Liz.

Award Winning 'The Invite Shack' has a magnificent range of bespoke and tailor made wedding invites which come in all shapes and sizes! As one of our approved suppliers we have a small selection at The Night Yard to see. Although her full collection includes keepsake wedding invite tea towels, festival lanyards and wristbands.