Will you marry me? Some proposal ideas to hint at!

29 January 2017

My proposal......On Christmas Eve 2011 'J' got down on one knee with a bottle of Champagne and a little box that housed a diamond ring. At first I thought it was a joke and after much convincing and me saying the crucial ‘YES!’ I then had acquired a fiancé!!

Proposals come in many shapes and forms. Some people film them, some people sing them, some people travel for them, some are spontaneous and some are well planned…

With Valentines day round the corner I took a look at a few slightly alternate proposal ideas!

(Remember to leave the laptop open on the page that you like for your partner to see!)

For the new family?

The personalised proposal baby grow from Simply Colours. Perfect for those that are celebrating this Valentines day with a new addition.

For the style conscious?

The proposal confetti balloon from Bubblegum Balloons. This balloon looks good and has the all important message.

For the intrigued?

Personalised ‘Marry Me’ Jigsaw Puzzle from Clouds andCurrents. It comes in a personalised engraved box.

For the romantic?

A message in a bottle printed on silk ribbon from LittleWhite Dog. A treasure you can keep forever.

For the pet lover?

Proposal pet tag from We love to create. Propose while on your dog walk and include your four legged friend at that special moment.

Most of all enjoy that precious moment and savour the moment!!!