Max and Kate's Colourful Outdoor Wedding

27 January 2017

We love weddings, we love the details, we love the emotion and romance and most of all we love being part of a couple special day. The moment that we meet couples and start hearing their plans and vision for the most special day is the moment that we are captured..

On the 2nd of April 2016 is when Kate and Max first came to see The Night Yard alongside their nearest and dearest. By the time we had finished the viewing we were sitting on the hay bales in the sunshine chatting almost like long lost friends. This is when their wedding planning journey bagan...

While the families were conjuring up plans and images for the wedding Max and I emphasized the fear of being the centre of attention (we had hit the ground running here...)

The Wedding? Colourful, Detailed, Geometric, Off the Cuff, Intimate

5 months later the day had come. The Night Yard was adorned with blocks of colour, jam jars of wild flowers, extensive lighting, bright jumbrella's, Mexican bunting, homemade pallet tables and symmetry throughout . Max and his brother Myles ensured that the wedding had a strong emphasis to style and design.

I'm not sure why this wedding got me in a tizzle it just did. It was so heart-felt and emotional.

The ceremony itself was setup so that the focus was on the couple with some guests under the eaves and some on the grass using a mixture of chairs, benches, rugs and cushions. When Kate arrived she was emitting happiness and being greeted by her best friends (one who played the ukulele for the wedding) her mother by her side giving her away and her soul mate waiting at the end of the aisle she had every reason to be radiant.

After the ceremony The Night Yard and our team supplied wheelbarrows of beer including a gluten free lager from Brew Dog and the guests mingled under the eaves catching up with friends and family. Every pillar had flowers adorning them and the eaves housed a photo booth with fun homemade props and table top football for guests to enjoy.

The atmosphere to this intimate wedding was very relaxed, no seating plan, just as long as everyone was happy and enjoying themselves was all that mattered. The raucous laughter was a great testament to this.

Late afternoon saw emotional and funny speeches not only from Kate and Max but from Kate’s mother, her brothers and Max’s brother who also did a ‘tasteful’ slideshow of pictures!

As the night drew in the music was in full flow and included a great moment between a close friend of Max’s and himself singing, adorning crazy hats and all of the bridal party watching in! What FUN!!

This was then followed by most memorable moment of 2016…. Darkness in the sky and 50 sparklers waving in the sky like it was a mantra to the moon, this was accompanied by ‘Jamie Woon- Night Air’. Still as I type this it makes me take a deep breath and my heart skip a beat