Attention to detail with a Professional Wedding Photographer

09 January 2017

There is just so much choice when it comes to weddings and even I when looking through the wedding magazines at all the adverts it just blows me away on how many suppliers are out there. Whether you have a tight budget or not it is important to spend your money in the right places and vital you are getting value for money. I caught up with Peter from Peter Reynolds Photography who we have enjoyed working with on many occasions and asked him his views and also got to know a bit more about him!

Do you think it is important to do an engagement shoot?

Oh it’s super important, and always so much fun! Firstly, it’s an awesome chance to tell another part of the couple's incredible wedding story, capturing them at a location which means so much to them both. But secondly, when I first started shooting weddings, I noticed that photographing a couple that were slightly shy / not used to having their picture taken really had such a big impact on the final result. The main barrier which get’s stamped on straight away in an engagement shoot, is the couple being able to feel comfortable with each other whilst having a camera pointing at them, it can take a bit of getting used to. But once the lovely couple have learnt to ignore it, and can be natural with one another, their personalities really shine through and that is when you get some seriously great shots. So as you can imagine, when it comes to having their photographs taken on their wedding day, and after a pre-wedding shoot, the couple are already used to being photographed, which is why I’ve always wanted to include it as complimentary part of my wedding packages.

What is your favourite time of day or what is

the best light to shoot in?

For me personally, I’m a huge lover of soft

light. What I mean by this is when the sun isn’t so bright and direct, as it

tends to cause horrible harsh shadowing and uneven skin tones. So to get the

softest of light I usually shoot either early in the morning or later in the

evening when the sun is just starting to go down, then it’s pretty perfect.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, early morning shoots can be a little chilly

but trust me, hot chocolate can miraculously solve everything. :)

What is your favourite surroundings or scenery that you have ever shot in?

Oh wow, what a question. Hmmmmmm. I mean I’ve

been lucky enough to shoot at some pretty cool spots around the world. Early

mornings on a Californian beach with the pacific ocean lapping at your toes, or

up in the Austrian Alps at sunset. But in all honesty, my favourite spot is a

little closer to home, and you probably won’t believe I’m saying this. There’s

a hidden meadow I’ve found in Goodnestone. In spring/summer time, the wild

grass full of flowers comes to your knee caps and is surrounded by tall pine trees

which gives you the illusion you’re most definitely not in Kent. But when the

sun begins to slowly go down over the village, it creates a beautiful golden

glow over the meadow which really is a tough one to beat. I think I was pretty

much jumping up and down like a kid when I first shot a couple in this spot… it

just honestly blew me away!

What is your favourite picture or moment that you have ever captured?

*Deep in thought* - Ok that is pretty

difficult! I just can’t pick a lonely one as my favourite. I can definitely

pick a favourite moment though. It actually happened last year, when I

travelled to Leigh Woods on the outskirts of Bristol to do an early morning

pre-wedding shoot. There was a morning mist running through the woods which

made it incredibly quiet and atmospheric, but then it happened… the heavens

opened, and I mean really opened. Normally we’d be running for shelter,

desperate to stay dry. But then I heard the words I never thought I’d hear from

a couple “We don’t care about the rain”. I think my jaw dropped, followed by

one almighty smile. These are moments you dream of, and it honestly made it a

photoshoot I’ll never ever forget. The couple enjoying the moment with each

other in a quiet nature reserve, getting soaked to the skin, but absolutely

loving every single second of it. Such a special moment.

What is your ideal style of wedding to shoot at?

I think the style of wedding that fits

perfectly with my vintage-esque style of photography is a more rustic themed

wedding, I mean you just can’t go wrong with hay bales, fire pits and embracing

the great outdoors. That could just be the English country-bumpkin in me. But

in all honesty, I’m pretty much a fan of any wedding where the couple have

really gone to town on all the details, helping make the wedding tell their

very own unique/incredible story.

What has been the strangest/quirky/funniest thing you have ever captured at a wedding?

Oh boy, another moment from last year!! So,

the couple (who I have to add could quite easily appear in some sort of

magazine) had finished their ceremony, and now it was time for the confetti

shot. I’ll never forget the way the family and friends were looking at each

other, as if they’d pre-planned something for a while. But the handfuls of

confetti, no sorry, scrub that, armfuls of confetti were being scooped up by

every single guest ready to be thrown. The couple innocently set off down the

aisle expecting a light sprinkling of confetti but the squeals and laughter

immediately after the very first armful of confetti was thrown had me and my

second shooter in fits of laughter while shooting. I mean, at points, there was

just so much confetti, the whole frame was pure white… now that’s how you do a

confetti tunnel!

What is your favourite part of a wedding?

There are so many incredible chapters that

make up a wedding day, but there’s definitely one that stands out for me for

sure. The portraits!! Firstly, planning ahead with the couple and making sure

they allocate at least half an hour to give themselves a breather from it all.

Spending hours with guests, all desperate to grab the couple to congratulate

them can get a little tiring (surprise!), but giving the couple some time to

breath, and enjoy a moment to themselves to do their portraits is the best part

by far. It’s almost as if it all really starts to sink in when they’re on their

own together. Loving gazes, laughter and lots of finger twiddling with their

new wedding rings, this part of the day is a photographers dream for sure :)

Why do you think it is so important to get a

professional rather than disposable cameras on tables?

Yikes, there are honestly about a million

reasons why it’s so important to hire a professional, which could go on for

pages and I definitely don’t want to get preachy. I mean, the main thing I will

say, is that us wedding photographers have spent thousands of hours perfecting

our own personal art form, and making sure we know our cameras back to front so

we’re equipped to deal with every eventuality and every type of lighting we

could possibly be faced with. We’ve also spent hour after hour working out how

to truly capture a wedding story in the best way possible. And finally, hiring

a professional wedding photographer you work well with will save you from all

sorts of avoidable stress. A few tips: Meet with them first and judge how

enthusiastic they are about telling your wedding story. That should give you a

good idea as to whether they are they right fit for you. Also, don’t be tempted

by super cheap prices, just don’t. It’d be easy for me to go on and on, so let

me leave this link here to an amazing blog post all about it:

Lastly favourite part of your job or

favourite part of working with the bride and groom?

Being the wedding photographer

for a bride & groom is honestly such an incredible privilege, and their

story deserves to be told with such care and attention. But it’s so much more

than just turning up on a specific day and photographing that one special day.

It’s all about creating a connection with my couples that will have them

feeling looked after, relaxed and above all else, enjoying the journey. So,

personally for me, that connection with the bride and groom is my favourite

part by far!! From pre-wedding shoots, to coffee dates to sending them surprises

throughout the year that’ll help them out. It’s that friendship with my couples

that has them feeling their photos are being captured by a friend as well as a

photographer which makes it all so worthwhile. I just love it!


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