Stuck for a wedding present?

22 December 2016

Most couples have lived together for quite a while by the time it gets to their wedding day. Many couples now opting for a honeymoon contribution which is a service most travel providers can offer now. Although what happens if you still want a few essentials at home or there is something you have always wanted as well as some travel vouchers? We asked Prezola (Wedding Gift List Of The Year 2016) a few questions about their services.

What is the best feature of Prezola?

Probably that you can have it all on one list at the best price! Couples can mix gifts from 300 top brands with a honeymoon fund and charity donations without any ties, commission fees or hidden costs! 100% of the money goes straight into the couple's bank account to spend as they wish, and they receive a big delivery of modern gifts such as wall art prints and vinyl record players along with the traditional KitchenAid and dinnerware.

How easy it for couples to set up a list and guests to use?

Setting up a list is really easy and only takes a couple minutes. Your gift list looks like a Pinterest board so it's pretty fun to pick and choose what gifts you want and it's easy to share too. Simply add your gift list URL on wedding invites, a Facebook group or wedding website and guests can browse your gift list and click to buy.

You also advertise a free wedding website tool can brides link their list on this site?

Prezola teamed up with this year which is the UK's number 1 free wedding website tool. Prezola gift lists integrate straight into your website so guests can buy gifts without even leaving your wedding website!

What are your top 5 picks off the list?

We love mixing quirky gifts that really reflect your style with the crowd favourites. Our picks would be a KitchenAid stand mixer in a fun colour like copper (though there's so many to choose from!), a quirky wall print like this Gin & Tonic print from The Old English Company and a cute doormat like this Bombay Duck Hello Darling one. We'd also go for a luxury bedding set such as this Fable Beaumont Duvet and we'd love this Roberts Radio Revival DAB Radio in Dove Grey on our list!

What is the most popular honeymoon destination?

Not sure, probably Mexico, Italy or a road trip across USA. Our couples get 100% of their honeymoon fund sent straight into their bank accounts so there's no ties to honeymoon companies and we have zero input in the honeymoon planning. Couples have the flexibility and freedom to plan their honeymoon however they'd like!

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